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This is a course for certified divers who would like to learn more about scientific diving. Divers will learn and gain experience with observations and data collection techniques, survey methods used by underwater scientists, marine life identification, and understand the requirements for advancement within citizen scientist organizations.


Special Considerations: All students must complete the course requirements within 90 days. After 90 days (at any phase), the student will be required to cycle back through via a “Refresher Course” and will incur the cost of a “Refresher Course”.


Refunds: Refunds will be provided to any students prior to the start of the course. If a student has begun a course but elects to terminate training, refunds will be at the instructor's discretion and based on the phase and the reason for termination.



Private Course Options Available Upon Request

Citizen Scientific Diver

    • Academics
    • Confined Water Dives
    • Open Water Checkout Dives (Boat Charter Fees Not Included)
    • Air/NITROX Cylinders
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